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Dr. Mattie Brown
Effective schools share a common thread- teachers who are knowledgeable about the content they are to teach,  skills needed to make that knowledge portable, and students who use process skills to bring meaning to that knowledge. Teacher preparation has a direct correlation to student achievement.  Effective teachers realize that books alone will not make up for the deficits that many students exhibit. 
     Excellence and quality in schools can only be achieved when the What, Who, and How of learning come together seamlessly in the classroom to create a climate of success. 
    Dr. Mattie Brown has proven strategies to help teachers and students move from a place of frustration to excitement in pursuing meaningful goals.   An interesting mix of traditional and nontraditional practices continues to leave a positive impression on her students.  
     With more than 40 years of successful experience in education from preschool to college, Dr. Brown uses her knowledge as a teacher, curriculum director, principal, and assistant superintendent to help those in the school environment set and raise high bars of learning. 
   With a Doctor of Education and concentration in curriculum and instruction,   Dr. Brown is interested in program development and design with an emphasis on helping teachers teach students how to process and apply what they are expected to learn into a meaningful context.  With a focus on a product, students have an opportunity to understand the steps of achieving through a process; learning then becomes a meaningful, manageable,  and exciting journey.
Knowledge- EDD Curriculum and Instruction   
  EDS- School Leadership
                          MS- Early Childhood Education
                          BS- French
 Experience-Teacher, Principal (Elementary and Middle), Curriculum Director, Assistant Superintendent
Credits- System Teacher of the Year,  Japan's Fulbright Memorial Fund Recipient, Founder of P.A.S.S.A.G.E.S (Providing Assistance to School-Aged Girls Entering Society),Radio Talk Show Host -Teens Up Front, Professional storytelling (Character Education emphasis), Children’s book author,  Motivational Speaker.
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