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"It was great seeing you at the seminar, Dr. Brown. Thanks again for sharing your publishing experience with the group. And as far as your book Spencer Spider Spins Spinach Over Spaghetti --- WOW! This is such a great work of art. I will share this with my principal and other principals in Duval County."Vincent Taylor, Author of the Cornbread Series

"I had the opportunity to read a new selection of children’s literature, “Spencer Spider Spins Spinach Over Spaghetti.” By the second page I was hooked on the delightful story as well as the bright, intriguing illustrations. I loved Spencer Spider’s adventure, but as a teacher I really appreciated the variety of language art skills that the short story incorporates. A few of the skills I found intertwined in the charming story are alliterations, onomatopoeia, diphthongs, blends, and a character education theme/trait. I also found pictures of words with the “sp” theme hidden in the backgrounds of each page. "  Victoria Funston- Elementary Teracher (Georgia)
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